Super Comic Rub-Ons Kit


5 exclusive colored SUPER art pieces…perfect as digital rub-ons. Offered in colored PNG files, so you can use in any program as clip art. BONUS: digital brushes/stamps offered in ABR brush format.Create digital art work with these designs to add *super* to any project. Remember: the colors can be changed with the digital brushes/stamps so you can stamp cards, scrapbooking, blog graphics…all digitally! OR print out on sticker paper for easy stickers; clear sticker paper for the ?rub on’ look or cardstock for amazing cards & tags to create a super party!


Offered in colored PNG files which can be used as clip art in any program.

Also, BONUS .ABR brush format. You will need to have PSE 5 or Adobe PSCS or higher, or these will not work for you. If you have one of these software programs, click to learn HOW to use them here’s a simple tutorial.

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Super Comic Rub-Ons Kit